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I'm a Canadian video game narrative designer and writer with AAA experience with Ubisoft, BioWare, Ghost Games, and Creative Assembly.
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“The Virus Dreams” Published in Polar Borealis

Canadian SF magazine Polar Borealis has published my short story, The Virus Dreams, in their February 2018 issue. This is a fun little piece poking fun at some Star Trek tropes and offers a glimpse of true alien life. You can read it here: The Virus Dreams
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“A Haunting in the Taste of Gray” Published in Allegory

One of my SF short stories has just been published by Allegory. Come check it out! A Haunting in the Taste of Gray The specific genre of this one is hard to define, so I’m grateful for Allegory for picking it up. Enjoy!
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Terraria: The Ultimate Survival Handbook Is Out Today!

Terraria: The Ultimate Survival Handbook is now available in the UK! Check out your favorite bookstore, or order it online at Amazon. The Ultimate Survival Handbook is the first in a series of Terraria handbooks, which also includes the Crafting and Construction Handbook and the Exploration and Adventure Handbook, coming out later this year. The U.S.
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The Only Review of Terraria: The Ultimate Survival Handbook I’ll Ever Need

There’s nothing better in an author’s career than to see your audience love a book you wrote, especially when that audience is two boys totally geeking out over their favorite game! Thanks to Andy Robertson for the awesome review. Check it out on Forbes: ‘Terraria’ Guide Book Helps Parents Decode Children’s Gaming Chatter
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“Schrödinger’s Suicide” Published in Perihelion

As of today, I am a published science fiction author. You can read my very first fiction sale on Perihelion Science Fiction. It’s called “Schrödinger’s Suicide,” and it’s about war, compassion, and time travel. Enjoy! “Schrödinger’s Sucide” by Daniel Roy Note: The story has been retired from Perihelion SF after six months as is their publishing
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Illogika Studios Announce “Subaeria”

Subaeria is an original roguelike game being developed by Montreal’s Illogika Studios. I was brought on board by Illogika to help them with their very ambitious narrative structure and setting, which tell the story of a post-global-warming dystopian society through the perspective sof four characters who span its socioeconomic spectrum. Subaeria is one of the most
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printf(“Hello, world!”);

Hello everyone, and welcome to my game writing blog! I’ve been involved in writing for videogames, directly or as a manager, for a good nine years now. As a result, I have a lot of, shall we say, professional opinions about videogame writing and storytelling. As you can guess, this is what I’ll do right here.
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